Newborns are a category of their own! Pediatricians specialize in the medical care of newborns. From well checks and lactation support, to the unfortunate event of an illness, it is important that your baby be evaluated by a Pediatrician. 

Know before Due-day! Studies have shown that learning about breastfeeding and normal newborn growth BEFORE delivery increases your chances of succeeding in breastfeeding your baby. Dr. Irene has had additional training in Europe in lactation support, is a certified Neonatal Resuscitation Provider and part time hospitalist for Maui Memorial Medical Center. Seeing the difficulties new parents have those first 2-3 days until getting into the Pediatrician's office, she has put together a course that covers the basic things you need to know when going home with your newborn. 

This complimentary 1 hour class is ideal for first time parents. It covers what to expect in the first days as a new parent, normal growth, breastfeeding basics, supply issues, maternal medication management, COVID19 in pregnancy and breastfeeding and how your Pediatrician can support you through lactation difficulties.  In addition, expecting parents will have the opportunity to have a Q&A session with the pediatrician.

This service is free for all our enrolled families. 

We are the only Pediatric Practice on Maui affiliated with Kapiolani Medical Center, with direct access to referrals, follow ups for children with chronic medical conditions and your child's medical records. We work closely with multiple specialties to coordinate a multidisciplinary team for your child's needs. 

The number of infants born premature has grown in the US in the past decades and survival rates are constantly improving. These children require additional exams and follow ups which we make sure are monitored closely, in cooperation with Kapiolani Women's and Children's Hospital. 

Our office has direct access to your child's chart through our affiliations with Kapiolani Medical Center and Maui Memorial Medical Center. Dr. Irene is also a part time Hospitalist for Maui Memorial Medical Center.

By appointment only. (Swabs done and sent to lab, result in 24 hours). We obtain specimens for Strep tests, urine/vaginal tests and skin cultures. 

For our existing patients. 

Dr. Irene also holds a Bachelor in Sports Medicine and Physical Education. 

Coming soon. Due to COVID outbreak, we are not currently scheduling pulmonary function testing. 

We use Gocheck kids, a method of photoscreening, to evaluate for vision acuity and risk of amblyopia. 


We follow the CDC recommended schedule

Coming soon.

After seeing multiple skin infections in our young patients, we decided to offer this service. We use a Medical Ear piercing system (Blomdahl Medical Ear piercing- Made in Sweden). The Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System is only available to medical professionals in the U.S.A. Traditional ear piercing guns present a genuine health hazard. They can easily transmit blood-borne viruses. The danger is so real that most European countries have banned these instruments. Unfortunately, they are still legal and widely available in the USA. Our system uses single-use, disposable cassettes that eliminate the chance of transmission. 3-4% of the population is born with nickel sensitivity, and 20-25% of people with pierced ears develop some level of nickel allergy/sensitivity. Ear piercing and earrings can cause this condition. The Blomdahl system eliminates this risk by using medical grade ear piercing studs. We also have a complete line of hypoallergenic earrings. 

Ages: 3-4 months and >5 years old (if the child is cooperative and excited to have her ears pierced!)

Requires a separate appointment. 

This service is not covered by insurance. This is a cash only service for our established patients. Payment at the time of service. 

Price: depending on the earrings starting from $99 . Price includes earrings, prescription numbing cream, procedure, pre and after care wipes, follow up if needed. Signed consent by the parent is required. 

Text us via Klara for more information. 

Our families have access to their children's medical chart 24/7. 

A separate chart is offered to teenagers once they turn 14 to access personal information in their medical records and to email their Pediatrician directly through our HIPAA compliant portal. We have partnered with myHealthPersona, a emotional health app to help Teenagers monitor their wellbeing. 

We use Klara, a HIPAA compliant texting system. 

Fill out all required forms for registration, pre-visit screenings and visit questionnaires on your phone, tablet or computer. We use Klara and Jotforms. 

Through our secure Telehealth platform Klara, from texting we can go straight to a Telehealth appointment if needed, or schedule one in advance. 

Take the following steps to join a video visit with your provider:

1) Prepare for your video visit. A few minutes before the scheduled session:

  • Make sure that the device you are going to use for your visit has a good connection to your internet or WiFi service.
  • Make sure that you are in a well-lit room where the provider will be able to see you and hear you. 

2) Open the message from your provider and verify your DOB.

Tap the link to the text message from your provider that included instructions about your video visit.

From here, you will verify your DOB before you can join the visit. You will only need to do this if you are new to Klara, or it's been 30 days since you last verified your DOB.

Tap the link that says "Your Video Visit."

You may receive a text like this at the time of your visit, or just before your visit with your provider letting you know they're ready to begin. Tap the link in the text to join the visit from your phone.

Tapping the link to join the visit will open a new browser window. You'll need to use the following browsers for the video visit to work successfully:

  • iPhone or iPad: Use a Safari browser.
  • Android: Use a Chrome browser.

You can also join the visit on your computer by going to (see article: "How do I join a video visit from my computer?").

3) Accept browser permissions. If it is the first time you are using Klara for a video visit, you may need to allow your browser to access your camera and microphone. Tap "Allow" when you're prompted.

4) Check your settings. Check to make sure that your microphone and camera are working, and that your device has a strong connection. When you're ready to start the visit, tap "I'm Ready".

If your provider hasn't joined the visit yet, you'll see a message letting you know that they'll be with you shortly.

5) Join the visit! As soon as your provider joins, you'll be placed in the visit with them.

When the visit is over, click the red button to hang up.

Common questions

Can I flip my camera during the video visit to connect to the rear camera?

Yes, you can connect to your rear camera on your mobile device by tapping the settings and tapping "Flip Camera."

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Happy Parents

    "I was so impressed with Dr. Irene Papaconstadopolous. Everything is at her practice is streamlined and organized. Paperwork all sent beforehand in an easy to use digital format. Communication was clear and office easy to access. Went for our 18 month old’s check up and it was the most time I have ever been able to spend with a doctor! She even administered the vaccines. She was thorough, friendly, and creative in approach to making my toddler comfortable and engaged. So happy to have a competent, friendly, organized, and WONDERFUL pediatrician on Maui. Such a blessing. Mahalo!"

    Nicole B. Google reviews March, 2022

    Dr. Irene is the kind of doctor United States badly need more of. I took my child to see her for a hard to troubleshoot chronic issue, and I was very surprised that instead of typical in the US approach of prescribing a medicine to treat the symptom and get you out of the door, she took the time to understand medical history, went over each possibility what could have been causing the issue, and proposed a few possible follow-ups how to zero in to the root cause. Her advice was very helpful and produced positive results. I highly recommend Dr. Irene Papaconstadopoulos.

    S.D via google reviews

    "I can’t express how grateful I am, as a mother of two young children, to have found such a wonderful pediatrician. Dr. Irene is knowledgeable, accessible, and above all, great with kids! Even though my girls have had to be poked and prodded on occasion, they still love Dr. Irene so much that they get excited to see her again - and that’s saying a lot. If you are looking for a pediatrician who you can trust with your children’s health, who can answer your questions, who gets back to you quickly, and who herself is an amazing mother, then you’ve found her! I’m so glad we have. ❤️"

    K.F. 2020 via Google reviews

    We love Dr. Irene with CHAMPS Pediatrics! My two daughters have been seeing her since 2018 and we trust her completely. She's extremely warm, understanding and takes her time to explain and answer any questions that you may have as parents. She is extremely fast with the text replies through the online portal (klara) as well, which is great for those forgotten questions in between visits. Dr. Irene is super sweet and efficient and truly cares about your experience and the welfare of your children. HIGHLY recommended!

    J.P 2020 via Google reviews

    "Dr. Irene is the most caring, gentle, genuine Pediatrician. She is so kind and loving with my boys. She makes them feel so comfortable and they are even excited when we have an appt! She was so quick to respond on the Klara App to communicate with me even during a holiday weekend and answer my questions about my son. She takes time to go over everything and answer all my questions and concerns, every time we've met with her. I've never felt rushed. I highly recommend her! She's been so great caring for my family. I feel so blessed to have been referred to her!! Thank you Dr. Irene, for caring for my kids!"

    Tammy M. via Yelp

    "Dr. Irene is amazing! She really listens to you and your concerns, and takes the time to address them. She is so gentle and kind with my kids! She has definitely exceeded our expectations! I’m positive that my kids are having the best care on island. We love her and we are so happy that she joined our Maui community!"  via Google reviews

    Sueshine R.

    "Dr. Irene is amazing. She is caring, gentle, truly listens and graciously worked with us and our children to provide the best medical care. Highly recommend!!!"